Organic & Sustainable

Katy's Hand Jam is a soothing, multi-purpose salve made from organic and sustainably harvested ingredients.  This means we don't use chemicals, perfumes, or dyes.  Our ingredients are native to the Pacific Northwest and are harvested in a method that allows the plant to naturally regenerate. We know that our skin protects us from the elements, that's why we choose ingredients that work naturally with our body to nourish and moisturize our skin.  Rest assured that we take pride in making a product that is good for our bodies and for the earth.

The Process

Each herb has been specifically chosen for its known therapeutic properties to help heal dry and chapped skin, blisters, cuts, bruises, scrapes, sunburns as well as eczema, psoriasis, muscle and tissue damage.  We purchase our ingredients from high-quality companies. Unlike other salves which use only essential oils, our blend of herbs are soaked in organic virgin olive oil allowing the medicinal properties to diffuse into the oil. Once these properties have absorbed, the blend is strained, leaving a nourishing liquid which is then heated and blended with all natural and locally harvested beeswax. 

We are a mother-daughter team that carefully hand makes each batch of Katy's Hand Jam in Bend, Oregon.  Our batches are small, therefore we pay close attention to the quality of each tin to ensure they are filled to the brim with goodness.  Being both climbers and triathletes, we know what it is like to be play outside in the elements.  That's why we take the time to focus on herbs that help our skin to heal from overuse, excessive chalking, hand washing, dog petting or whatever it may be.  We have created the perfect recipe and we know it Heals Like a Rest Day! 

Final Touches

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