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Katy's Hand Jam is owned and operated by two climbing companions, mother and daughter.  As avid rock climbers, these women have spent many days outdoors torturing their bodies and skin.  That's why they know this product works!  Inspired by the perfect smell of springtime on a river's edge, Katy captured this essence in her salve.  Focusing on herbs that help your skin to heal from overuse, excessive chalking, hand washing, dog petting or whatever it may be, she created the perfect recipe.  Initially given away as Christmas presents, the salve became a hit with her friends and family.  They encouraged her to go into business to help relive hands from a day of abuse from climbing.  In 2001, with the assistance of five climber friends, they produced and distributed Katy's Hand Jam to the climbing community in Seattle Washington.  Now, 15 years later, Katy's Hand Jam is still healing hands like a rest day!

Katy Van Dis Gorbold

Co-Owner, Creator & Daughter

Jane Sabin-Davis

Co-Owner, Maker & Mother

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Katy spends most of her outside climbing, running, backpacking and hiking.  Having grown up in Eastern Oregon, she is native to the Pacific Northwest but that hasn't stopped her from traveling throughout North, Central and South America. Her passion and drive in life can be found in her commitment to being out doors and friendships. She and her husband live in Bend, Oregon. She spends time climbing at her local crag, Smith Rocks, but also loves Red Rocks, Squamish, The Red, Tuolumne Meadows, and the North Cascades.

Even though Jane began climbing later in life, she is addicted to the challenges and triumphs that climbing brings to her; in fact, climbing has become a metaphor for her life. She truly believes that the focus, dedication, perfection, and beauty of climbing help her to find the solitude that is so important to all of us.  Her favorite climbing crags are the sunny hills of Hells Canyon and Red Rocks.  Jane is also actively involved in gardening, dogs, and her non-profit work. And, on any given sunny day you can find her outside gardening or tromping around with her dogs.

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